The magic of differential the hell

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Differential kingdom, wenxin county is located in yibin city, sichuan province, belongs to karst terrain at the provincial level scenic spots, with an area of 60 square kilometers.

Slot in the county seat, 20 kilometers west of differential WangShan Town, dam, devoted to the transportation, wangshan dry convex several, 4 walls steep volley, main black crown towering, 1180 meters above sea level. L vegetation lush mountain, the vast sea, beautiful jing ya; Gate gully streams, waterfalls lake pond, cave stone melt main smelting natural landscape, such as word, like nature itself. Mainly fly foggy bottom, the hole, black crown, shou lake area, etc.

Set the essence of the landscape, grand view of the waterfall. Differential turned five streams from the south to the north, in the gate to effect of valleys, forming numerous, shapes of the waterfall group: there are ups and downs, thousands of meters MengXi stack of organ; With torrents straight, like a white dragon out of the hole of the longquan waterfall: there are "roar loud bangs on the rain will come" simultaneous organ; And in all directions are after the rain falls BaoPen valley around the organ...

Differential people today, the ancient village shape, attractive. Differential the hell since ancient times is the famous mountains. Once upon a stone set, big wheel bound up, also known as the southern hills. Since the song dynasty, here is all zhang clan (namely their5)) place to live. While loading: northern song dynasty politics and five years (RMB 1115), five dou yi (differential a) according to the mountain strongholds. Arise and into reverse, so bo hope mountain and differential the hell. So far, the mountain men also preserve the differential kenda, small village gate, ancient city wall, such as the ancient castle ruins battlefield.

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